October 23, 2019 @ 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm UTC Timezone
Tahona Bar
2414 San Diego Avenue

An hour long meditation and mezcal tasting class taught in a beautiful setting by our maestro mezcalier and a fantastic mindfulness teacher hosted by Amaras Mezcal, one of the leaders in sustainability of mezcal, planting over 80,000 agaves last year.

This hour long ceremony will be led by our meditation teacher and Mezcal sommelier who will be serving intentionally curated artisanal mezcals.

Throughout the experience we will practice gratitude by thinking of everything that went into bringing that spirit to us—the rain and sun that helped the agave plant grow, the jimador who had to find the plants in the wild and harvest them under the pressing sun, the love and care that went into the whole artisanal production process, and the traditions that were passed on from generation to generation.

We will close with a contemplation meditation that is meant to give us the time and space to think and ponder about all the aspects of this experience, and how it relates to the rest of your life.

Remember to reserve your seat.